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Link Building

Link Building For Dallas Fort Worth And North Texas Search Engine Optimization And Rankings

link building service for SEO rankings in Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas

Is your website properly optimized, loading quickly, and is already mobile friendly — but you still aren’t ranking well in the search engines? If so, there are a few factors to consider:

  • on-page SEO efforts like better-optimized Header tags
  • internal linking
  • silo structuring

… Or you may just need quality links (aka “backlinks”) to power up your search engine rankings.

Not all links are created equal when link building for SEO. There are several factors to consider:

  • Relevance
  • Authority of the website
  • Frequency
  • Do-follow vs. no-follow link ratio
  • Anchor text ratios
  • Geo-relevance of the link
  • Traffic coming to your website through that link (aka “referral traffic”)
  • Giving your prospective customers more reassurance that the link will take them to a trustworthy website
  • Links from multimedia platforms such as videos, audio / podcast, image, and infographic websites
  • Much more

Contact us today to discuss your link building needs in the Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas area.

Current Case Studies Where Proper Link Building Has Helped Dallas Fort Worth And North Texas Businesses Gain Improved Search Engine Rankings

Case studies coming soon. They will focus on the more competitive keywords such as chiropractors in the highly-competitive Dallas County and Dallas suburbs area.

Why would we use these high-competition areas as the case studies?

So many “SEO companies” call, email, text, and social media message DFW business owners every day promising “top search engine results”. When put to the test, however, many fail to understand YOUR business and YOUR specific needs!

By showing you current case studies where proper SEO best practices and quality link building are leading to not only “top 3” local search engine rankings — but actual phone calls and emails from real people in DFW — we aim to give you the reassurance that you soon will be working with legitimate professionals who can deliver real results in the coming weeks…. sometimes even sooner than that!

Here are just some of the false promises, or outright scams, which many “SEO companies” promise you: Search Engine Journal article

Furthermore, BR Profits understands that SEO (or any marketing function) is just one part of the larger vision you have for your business. Our services can help you grow your business to new levels, turn around a business which is having challenges, help you through specific problems, and potentially help you find new revenue streams for your business to grow and keep your employees motivated and fulfilled.