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Search Engine Optimization And Other Online Marketing For Businesses In Dallas Fort Worth, North Texas, East Texas And Elsewhere

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We decided to offer search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing services for our clients in Dallas Fort Worth, North Texas, East Texas and throughout the rest of the Texas / Oklahoma / Arkansas / Louisiana region for several reasons. BRProfits recognizes that you, as a decision maker for a business in these states, likely are getting bombarded every day with “SEO”, “social media”, “online lead generation”, and other digital marketing solicitations on your phone, text, email, and your other primary communication channels.

So why would you even consider using us?

Great question!

We offer several reasons why we are different than competitors in order to help you truly grow your business. Before we go into the specific reasons, there is a much larger “elephant in the room” which needs to be addressed….

“How are you going to help me get a return on investment for MY SPECIFIC BUSINESS? None of these solicitations seems to even begin to understand the specific needs and challenges I have in my business and the online competition for new customers or clients!”

This is where we stand out. It is our goal to help you reach your current desired prospective customers (or clients or patients, depending on your industry) in ways which present your business as being trustworthy, beneficial to the prospective customer, and as the best choice out of all the options which the prospect has. We also want to help you make sure that using us helped you get a significant ROI on the costs for using us, your time, and any hard costs needed to achieve the goal.

We also want to make sure that we remove any confusion about how we help your business in the four primary ways new customers can find you:

  • Word of mouth / referral marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Outbound marketing
  • Trust building marketing (due to relevance, proximity, and other factors)

Not all of these are equal for your specific situation, so we will work with you to determine what you may need in your specific situation, both in the short-term as well as the longer-term. We also are based in DFW and North Texas. Combined with our years of experience helping multiple industries, we also can talk in specific detail with you to help you uncover new ways to grow your sales and overall profitability with intelligent online marketing strategies.

Why SEO And What Can It Really Do For My Business?

This is a terrific question!

Consider search engine optimization – and its counterpart search engine marketing – as a primary component of your inbound online marketing efforts. We will work with you to get multiple passive web properties (e.g. your website, your Maps listing, online videos and more) ranking on page 1 of various search engines for search terms (aka “keywords”) which have high likelihood of being entered by your prospects. We also want to focus on their needs combined with the online marketing mantra of “who you are, what you do, and where do you do it.”

SEO is not a “one size fits all” topic. There are many nuances to it, so our questions about your business and your current (and desired new) customers will help us determine which way to best serve your needs.

At first, you may think that you need to rank #1 for a generic keyword search term in Google, but you ultimately may need to focus more on Google Maps or YouTube or even LinkedIn as your primary “search engine”. This is part of the customization we offer.

Furthermore there is something we call “next best SEO”, sometimes referred to as “parasite SEO” in the search engine industry. This is ranking a property #1 in your best search engine which isn’t on a website you control. For example, it is possible to take a YouTube video or YouTube playlist and rank it #1 in both YouTube and Google simultaneously for a keyword search term being entered by your prospects… even if your own website isn’t ranking anywhere on the first 3 pages for the same phrase. While not “ideal”, you still would have the #1 ranking with a property you can control to some degree.

This Sounds Great, But Do You Have Any Recent SEO Case Studies Of Websites And Other Properties Ranking Well For DFW And Texas Businesses?

Yes we do!

These are just a small handful of examples which you can see where we have helped our clients with their rankings. There are dozens more examples we can show you when we talk during our first or second meeting.

Okay, You Showed Me That You Know At Least Something About Ranking A Local Business Like Mine… But Do You Have Anything Which Can Make My Business Stand Out From My Competitors — Even Those Nationwide?

Again, this is a terrific question! The answer is a definitive “Yes”!

This will be a split between “traditional” (aka “web 2.0”) techniques and the new web3 techniques for actual businesses in the states we serve, even a local business which only serves a small radius around its office or store location.

The new web 2.0 techniques could include, depending on what is best for your business:

  • New social media platforms and their ad networks such as Gab, Telegram, and Discord
  • Uploading your video content and optimizing it on video-sharing platforms like Rumble
  • Taking existing press releases and making PDFs to place them on platforms which permit links back to your website to boost overall SEO efforts
  • Getting your business mentioned on geo-targeted websites which are pre-approved to get syndicated in Google News
  • Boosting your website’s link building (off-page SEO links) by syndicating any existing podcasts into the “lower tier” podcast directories

The new web3 techniques are possibly even more exciting and could give your business a competitive edge for some time. These can include:

  • Getting a web3 domain customized to your business name such as XYZ.yourbusinessname
  • The web3 customized domain then be used like a “vanity plate” on your car to receive crypto payments in an easy to use manner; and this would give you a way to reach your prospects who are crypto-friendly in order to encourage them to do business with you versus a non-crypto-friendly competitor
  • Buying the virtual land in upward of 9 separate local metaverse online platforms, each providing different benefits such as:
    • Creating a 3D building in one the metaverse platforms with an Artificial Intelligence “AI agent” which you can program to reply with answers based on your business’ content
    • Building a digital twin of your office, restaurant, or store to help people
    • Generating hyper-specific links back to your website (off-page local SEO link building) with your specific location’s latitude & longitude built into the link
    • Leveraging your existing videos and images and audio files (podcasts) in new ways
    • Incentivizing local web3 fans to visit your business by appearing with offers on their web3 local maps
    • Using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to grow your business locally, such as rewarding those who attended your local event with a POAP NFT (Proof Of Attendance Protocol)
    • Much more, so contact us to discuss these if this topic is of interest to your business

When you are ready to discuss with us your specific needs, challenges, and desired prospective customers for your business then you are welcome to call or email us. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and thank you for considering us to help you grow your business intelligently and artfully in Texas and the nearby states.

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