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Parasite SEO Experts In Texas

The phrase “parasite SEO” may be confusing to some people, possibly even generating a negative connotation. In actuality, all it means is ranking something on page 1 of the search engine results which isn’t your actual website.

Here are two authoritative resources which explain this topic in greater detail:

As a part of our normal search engine optimization efforts, BRProfits will incorporate some parasite SEO attempts into our methods to help you increase leads and improve your business’ overall profitability. Below you will see just three examples of web properties – other than our clients’ main website assets – ranking on page 1 of Google. These rankings are generating actual website traffic and phone calls as of June 2024.

Examples Of Parasite SEO Working In Texas

Three Texas-based businesses are all receiving increased exposure through the search engines based on their non-website (parasite) assets ranking well in Google. The three examples are:

  • A local med spa ranking well for a specific service with its listing on Patch
  • A local sports bar which offers Tejano music and dancing one night a week has its YouTube video ranking
  • A DPS-approved online driver education course has its video playlist ranking well for one of the largest universities in Texas

Included below are the screenshots of these page 1 top rankings as of mid-June 2024.

Please remember that “parasite SEO” is just a part of your overall local area, or Texas statewide, search engine marketing game plan. There is a wide range of topics to discuss in order to help you outrank your competitors and start to generate actual phone calls, email leads, walk-ins or other types of leads.

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