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Local Metaverse And Virtual Real Estate Consultants

Web3 Digital Real Estate Consulting For Businesses


In April 2023, the Dallas Observer published an article about online speculators in virtual real estate (“digital real estate”) in the Dallas area for potential “flipping” of land in the web3 NFT platform known as Next Earth:


This article didn’t touch on much in the way of actual business functionality of these virtual land NFT plots and associated blockchain digital assets such as 3D buildings, AI avatars, and other new web3 technology uses for a local or regional business. Nonetheless, BR Profits and Bullpen Marketing have figured out and proven benefits for any local or regional business owner / marketing decision maker.

These include, but are not limited to:


      • Unique content to share on social media

      • Upcoming local metaverse advertising such as featuring digital billboards inside a metaverse which represents Dallas

      • Increasing conversion rates

      • Events and conferences in the metaverse

      • Augmented Realty (AR) functionality
      • Virtual art which can show up in the real world, like a smaller-scale version of the Pokemon Go app

      • Integration with AI technologies

      • Ability to send and receive cryptocurrency and altcoin payments

      • Much more

    The Two Categories Of Virtual Worlds And Metaverses When Considering Digital Real Estate

    When it comes to helping a local or regional business owner decide whether or not even to enter the metaverse, there are a few topics to clarify:


        • There is more than one “metaverse”… in fact, there are MANY metaverses available!

        • Metaverse, virtual world, digital real estate, and web3 NFT real estate does not necessarily require Virtual Reality (VR) goggles or other tech accessories. Many can be seen on a regular desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone

        • You are not restricted to buying just land which represents what you currently own or occupy in the real world

      In your case, you likely will need help deciding between the two main categories of virtual worlds in which to start your first digital real estate purchase:


          1. Fictional virtual worlds / metaverses which have a high number of people, but are more like “games”. These do not represent anything tied specifically to Earth

          1. Virtual worlds / metaverses which are representative of Earth, including the land on which your business operates currently

        What BR Profits will do is leverage our experience in business management land and building development and combine it with our SEO and online marketing & conversion backgrounds. That way we will help you customize a plan which will give you a competitive advantage over other businesses in your industry.

        Additionally we will work with you to determine the best approach, for you, in terms of priorities for your business’ current and future goals.

        Is There Any Proof Of These Virtual Worlds And Digital Real Estate Helping A Business Gain More Exposure Or Growing Directly?

        Great question!

        The answer is yes. We can show you when we talk about your business goals. Case study videos and images from recent successes will be added on this page soon.

        You are welcome to call us today at 972-701-9999, or you may email us through our contact form here: Contact Us