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If you are looking for search engine optimization and other search engine marketing help for your business in the DFW, North Texas or East Texas region then you likely know how competitive and confusing the search engines can be. Our SEO and SEM consultant has over 10 years of actively helping local Texas businesses reach their desired audiences through the search engines.

This is a complex topic as there are so many considerations to help with your search engine efforts in order to help you get what you ultimately want:

… To passively wake up and that day receive more qualified phone calls, emails, walk-ins, guests or other new customers or clients!

The Main Reasons Why Any Texas Business Even Would Consider Hiring Consultants And Experts For SEO Services

The first topic to address is the “WHY?” should you even want search engine marketing help in the first place. After over a decade of serving North Texas companies with their SEO efforts, virtually every business owner wants most of these benefits/outcomes:

  • Get the business website ranking for keyword phrases which are being entered by prospective customers who do NOT yet know that the business exists
  • Reduce any confusion about company branding so it is easy to be found if/when referred by someone else
  • Showcase positive reviews such as those you would find on your Google Business Profile listing (aka Google Maps)
  • Outrank your competitors’ websites
  • Outrank powerful directory services which are ranking well in search results. The goal of outranking Yelp, for instance, is a common desired outcome
  • Getting other non-website properties ranking on page 1 of the search engines such as a YouTube video, a press release, a national directory listing about the business, or even a featured article from a Texas publication such as if your business was featured online with your local chamber of commerce
  • Cleaning up negative mentions about your brand or business or ownership’s individual names due to reputation challenges in the search engines

These are common desired results after countless hours in face-to-face meetings with our clients over the past 10-15 years. However, there are even other search engine goals people have and we can help with those as well.

Sometimes we have been asked to do the following:

  • Undo the damage caused by poor-quality link building from previous SEO firms which were hired
  • Reduce the damage caused by “Negative SEO” campaigns launched to attack the business’ website once the business reached #1 in the search engines
  • Address negative reviews which come in falsely, likely from third party services paid by your competitors
  • Enhance specific pieces of SEO campaigns such as creating and optimizing the micro-website which is available to all verified Google Business Profile listings
  • Using existing multimedia, such as audio files like local radio interviews or podcasts, to help get more exposure to those pieces of content which would be helpful to prospective customers or clients
  • Learning how to get more out of existing assets to boost SEO results such as getting more benefit out of your existing photos, videos, your business address (such as boosting SEO results with your address from the new virtual worlds), customer testimonials, and favorable articles about your business
  • Helping to determine which “newsworthy” events in the business are able to warrant an online press release; and then we can determine what to do with the press release after it has been distributed/syndicated via the most appropriate newswire service
  • Much more

The Three Legs Of The SEO Triangle And The RAT/TAR/ART Of

Since search engine optimization and SEM (search engine marketing) can be so confusing for even seasoned business owners, let’s keep the topic as simple as possible for today. We are going to give you two big picture topics to remember:

  • The “triangle” of SEO
  • The “RAT”, “ART” or “TAR” of SEO – whichever you prefer to remember!

Regarding the “Triangle of SEO” here are the three “legs” to remember:

  • Stable website: Does your website load quickly? Is it mobile-friendly for all devices? Is it free of spam and malware? Is it free of requiring any weird script code being required on the end user’s device to display all content? Have you made at least some attempt to be ADA compliant? Is the website on a quality hosting company which has security and removes “bad neighbors” (i.e. spammy companies) from sharing the same server as your website?
  • On-page SEO: Is your website structured easily? Can everything be found by the end user in 3 clicks or less (preferably 2 clicks or less!)? Have you optimized your page’s title & description tags? Do you have header tags? Have you used alt text in your images? Is your website’s page interlinking (aka “internal links”) optimized properly and relevant? Are your pages’ word counts at least on par with what is being rewarded currently in the search engines by competitors who currently outrank you?
  • Off-page SEO: This is sometimes called “link building“, but that is incomplete. Are pages and blog posts from your website being shared on social media with some sort of regularity? Do you have ample, high-authority mentions of your business’ name and address and phone number (called the “NAP”) being generated consistently? Do you have quality links pointing to your website’s home page AND inner pages? Do you have tiered link building being done for you? Are you generating quality article content, infographics, images, videos or other beneficial and informational content and placing them on websites to help you get more exposure to your business?

The above are just some of the topics we will discuss with you.

Regarding the letters “A”, “R”, and “T” the big picture to remember – in whichever order you prefer – is that your website and other off-website content must be:

  • Authoritative. This means that you must convey helpful information as you need to be perceived as an authority in the industry which you are representing to the general public. The search engines don’t want to return a #1 ranking to their users for a business which has unscrupulous business practices, isn’t a true authority for the keyword search phrase being queried by the search engine user, or is a website with minimal helpful content
  • Relevant. Your content must be relevant to the topic being searched. For example, if you are a decision maker for an East Texas family lawyer then your on-website and off-website content must be relevant to topics of divorce, child custody, grandparents’ rights, etc. Additionally, you will want to link to and/or have links to your website coming from East Texas publications, a relevant County courthouse website, and from nationwide authoritative legal online directories as well as a mention of you on the State Bar of Texas website.
  • Trustworthy. This is the big one! Even if you were to rank #1 in the search engines, we still have to help you convey that you are the most trustworthy solution to a search engine user’s problem(s). Using the family law firm example above, we have to help you answer the questions in the minds of your website visitors such as:
    • “Have you won cases like mine in recent months?”
    • “Are you going to be a lawyer who actually harms clients like me or takes advantage of me in any way?”
    • “If I don’t win, what are the consequences going to look like?”
    • “With so many options, and with the future of my children on the line, why should I trust you?”
    • Any kinds of questions like these to give reassurance to an otherwise-skeptical website visitor as to why he/she should take the next step and contact you

Example Case Studies Of Our Clients With Page 1 Search Rankings Which Have Generated Real New Business AND Generated A Favorable Return On Investment For The Business Owner

It is one thing to just rank on page 1 of the search engines such as Google. It is another thing to be able to take any such new page 1 rankings and generate real new business.

Yet it is even tougher to have such page 1 search engine exposure not only generate new business but also to generate a favorable return on investment (ROI) to justify paying any SEO experts to help you. It is from this mindset where we will start our conversation with you.

Otherwise we would be just another “SEO company trying to ‘scam’ you or give you false hope!” Yes, those are actual words used on several occasions from skeptical companies in the DFW, North Texas, and East Texas region.

So, how can we give you the reassurance that we are the right solution for your business’ needs?

Let’s start with some actual current examples as “case studies”.

{case study examples coming soon}

When you are ready to contact us about search engine optimization and marketing services for your Dallas Fort Worth or North Texas or East Texas company then you are welcome to call or email us. Just visit this page to get started:

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