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Website Audits For Dallas Fort Worth And North Texas Businesses

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If you have a website in the Dallas Fort Worth or North Texas area then you may want an audit of your site. This can be for any number of reasons, so we will list a few reasons why with topics for each.

Should you want us to audit your website then you are welcome to call us at 972-701-9999; or you may email us through our contact form here: Contact Us

Audit To Determine Why Your Website Traffic Isn’t Generating Sales, Phone Calls, Emails Or Other Tracked Leads / Conversions

This is a big topic for many business owners and company marketers!

They may have spent lots of money and time on the following topics:

  • On-page search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Link building
  • A/B split tests
  • Graphic design for the website
  • Logo changes
  • Adding content
  • Using AI to help write more blog posts
  • Paying for social media help
  • QR code marketing at local events or trade shows
  • Any number of other high-cost, high-investment actions which didn’t produce results

We can help you with these kinds of website audits. While we cannot guarantee a tangible increase in sales, we can provide you with best practices audits to help you increase the odds of increased leads or sales. Such an audit might uncover issues like:

  • Broken links to sales pages
  • Email opt-in forms not working
  • Slow loading websites due to image sizing, too much script in your website header coding, etc.
  • Videos not working
  • Confusing navigation for the website visitor
  • Many other problems which negatively affect the rate of real-world visitors taking the action(s) you want them to take

SEO Website Audit

This is a big issue as well!

There are many reasons why your website isn’t ranking well in the search engines beyond just not having much in the way of “off page SEO” (e.g. link building and social signals). These can affect regular search engine rankings (aka “organic SEO”) and even your Maps rankings.

Here are just some of the topics an advanced SEO website audit might uncover:

  • Poor page speed loading and pages which are not mobile-friendly
  • Incorrect (or no) keywords in the title and header tags
  • No, or improper, image optimization tags
  • No links to external authority sites to help confirm any statements you are making (this is a big one!)
  • No, or improper, Schema code
  • Poor internal linking
  • Bad navigation bar / menu structure
  • Low content on the page, making it difficult for the search engines to crawl and index your page versus your competition
  • Competition analysis in terms of word count, header tag count, content relevance and more
  • Over-optimized content, making it not readable for real website visitors
  • Old SEO practices on websites which are now frowned upon by the search engines, causing negative impact on your rankings. Such an example, for older websites, was the practice of “keyword stuffing” and also repeating a keyword over and over again where the text and background colors were the same. This “looked” like empty space to the website page visitor, but it actually was attempting to “stuff” as many keywords on the page to trick the search engines

We look forward to helping you audit your website and other online marketing efforts, such as your link building and other off-page SEO status. In order to help you increase the chances of finding correctable problems and make tangible corrections which start to increase your online traffic and leads, you are welcome to contact us here:

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